Mystic Meg's Mesmerising Wardrobe comes to Auction

Mystic Meg's Mesmerising Wardrobe comes to Auction



The Estate of Mystic Meg, Margaret Anne Lake
Lots 96-105





Mystic Meg’s bespoke Royal-purple hooded cloak, part Lot 102 (estimate £400-600).

Mystic Meg’s bespoke Royal-purple hooded cloak, part Lot 102 (estimate £400-600).


The show-stopping wardrobe of Mystic Meg is to be auctioned by Kerry Taylor Auctions, London, in aid of Blue Cross.

The beloved television astrologer died earlier this year, aged 80.


A mesmerising rainbow of colour, the collection comprises eye-catching bespoke clothing made for her many television appearances, as well as items from her personal wardrobe.

Starring in the sale is Lot 102 - the royal-purple sleeved-cloak and matching smock with pointed standing collar, in which Mystic Meg is most famously photographed- the image of her seated regally amid a smoky-mist, clutching a crystal ball- is instantly recognisable to an entire generation.

Also starring is Lot 103- Mystic Meg’s very own crystal ball!


 Left: part Lot 102, Mystic Meg’s smock with dramatic pointed collar (estimate £400-600).

Right: Lot 103, Mystic Meg’s crystal ball (estimate £200-300).


‘We are thrilled to present this collection for sale. Mystic Meg was and remains a dearly loved national treasure, who brought smiles to the faces of the millions who watched her on television every week.           A born Leo - the traits of her astrological sign are evident throughout her remarkably vibrant life and wardrobe. A natural star who knew how to shine in front of a camera, her on-screen costumes personified her flair for theatrics and glamour. Privately, she displayed the other core traits of the Leo sign: generous, compassionate, and kind. As a life-long lover of animals, how befitting that this collection will be sold in aid of Blue Cross, a charity which was so dear to Mystic Meg’s heart.'
 - Lucy Bishop, Auctioneer, Kerry Taylor Auctions.


‘We’re humbled that the country’s most famous astrologer will be helping our teams to care for more sick, injured and homeless pets through her legacy. Every year Blue Cross helps thousands of cats, dogs, horses and small animals and their owners through its rehoming, clinical and other services, including pet food banks and pet bereavement support service, and money raised from this sale will enable us to provide support to even more pets and people who need to turn to us at this time where many are struggling with the cost of living crisis.’
Chris Burghes, CEO at national pet charity Blue Cross.


 A selection from Mystic Meg’s wardrobe, left to right: part lots 96, 98 & 104 (various estimates).


Mystic Meg was born Margaret Anne Lake (b. 27th July,1942- d. 9th March, 2023), of Romani descent and raised in Lancashire. As a young girl, her grandmother taught her astrology, a subject which was to become her calling. A master of her craft, her life-long practice included working with runes, crystal balls, I Ching, tarot and numerology. At age 7, her horoscope predicted she would marry a wealthy man. As a young woman, she met and fell in love with the handsome millionaire football pools heir, Nigel Moores. In 1977 she would be left utterly heartbroken when Moores tragically died in a motoring accident in the south of France, aged 39. Reports differ as to whether the couple ever married, but what is clear is that Mystic Meg never married following his death and remained deeply private in her grief. In contrast to her very private personal life, Mystic Meg’s professional one was to become very public indeed. Her decision to study English at the University of Leeds would lead to a career in journalism, and eventually a job as sub-editor for News of the World in the 1980s, where she became editor of the newspaper’s Sunday supplement. She wrote a regular horoscope column for The Sun newspaper for more than 20 years, building up a loyal fanbase of readers.   


A pioneer of phone-in horoscopes, Mystic Meg launched a dedicated phone line in 1989 that broke BT records. In 1994 she became a household name when she hosted a slot on the National Lottery television draw, where she looked into a crystal ball to predict a future winner. With her sharp jet-black bob, scarlet red lips and wizard-like cloak with pointed collar, Mystic Meg captured the attention of the nation. Her appearance was such a success, she continued to feature weekly on the show until her final appearance in the year 2000.


 A selection from Mystic Meg’s wardrobe, left to right: part lots 10496, & 102 (various estimates).


‘Without any question, she was Britain’s most famous astrologer by a million miles. Nobody came close to Meg in that respect. She was followed by millions in this country and also around the world…She even became part of the English language – if a politician, somebody from showbiz or ordinary people in the street are asked a tricky question they will say: ‘Who do you think I am, Mystic Meg?’

- Dave Shapland, Mystic Meg’s Agent.


‘One of my favourite memories of Meg is when all the Spice Girls came to the office, just as they were riding high at No 1. We planned a tour for them but all they wanted to do was meet Mystic Meg! You know you’re a true icon when the only person Victoria Beckham is interested in is you.’

- Victoria Newton, Editor of The Sun.


‘Her wardrobe was an integral part of her identity. It would make her very happy that others can share in her success by owning some of her specially designed and created sumptuous one-off garments, especially as the sale proceeds will help the welfare of all animals, one of her many passions…Meg was shy and quiet by nature but when she paired these clothes with dramatic hair and make-up for TV and public appearances, she glowed with confidence.’

- Maggie Innes & Janine Palmer, close friends of Mystic Meg.

‘Mystic Meg became a household name whose on-screen wardrobe helped personify the mystical character she created. Many of the bespoke ensembles were made by designer Isabell Kristensen, who’s boutique is based in Knightsbridge. Kristensen is also known for creating glamorous designs for another star of the stage- Dame Shirley Bassey! This collection also gives a fascinating glimpse into Mystic Meg’s immensely private personal life: amongst the rails of brightly coloured, voluminous cloaks worn on screen, are ensembles she wore on more informal engagements, and in her daily life. Mostly custom-made in England, they reflect her unique taste and personal style. Given the theatrical nature of Mystic Meg’s on-screen wardrobe, one might expect her personal clothes to be the exact opposite. However, I was delighted to discover that this is not the case! What I find most interesting about this collection is that her privately worn clothes are just as joyful and eye-catching as those she wore on-screen. Her love of bright, jewel-toned colours, glamourous fabrics and astrology is evident throughout. The two personas- Mystic Meg and Margaret  Anne Lake- are intrinsically woven together. They are two sides of the very same coin’- Lucy Bishop, Auctioneer, Kerry Taylor Auctions


Left: ‘cat’s eye’ detail, part Lot 104 (estimate £300-500) Right: Mystic Meg with a beloved feline friend, 1980s.

Part of Lot 104: Mystic Meg’s bespoke jewel-embellished blue velvet coat (estimate £300-500).



Vintage Fashion, Antique Costume & Textiles


The Estate of Mystic Meg, Margaret Anne Lake

(Lots 96-105)


Tuesday 24th October 2023
at 9:00am